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Alice Johnson


My name is Alice Johnson, I’m 5.9 feet and I like walks on the beach…

I am an animation graduate from Norwich University of the Arts, specialising in 2D Animation, Stop motion Animation and Visual Development. Over the 3 years I have explored skills in a variety of different aspects of animation from traditional and cut out animation to storyboarding, character development and narrative skills. I have worked on live client briefs, in collaborative teams and as a solo animator. Also having the opportunity to explore animation through acting theory and in combination with other subjects like film and illustration. Not only have I learned and developed my animation ability but this I have also been able to develop my skills in art, video editing and music composition. This has helped me develop a confidence and an understanding for what I want in my next stage of my artistic career. Now being a well-rounded, ready for action animator. Thank you for reading.


Instagram: @ali3quinn_art


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