Susanna Whymark

Hi there! My name is Susanna Whymark. My specialisation is concept art with proficiency in character design, 2D animation and stop motion too.

Designing fantastical worlds and creatures to inhabit them is what I love most, and I observe the world around me to fuel this. I enjoy collaborating with other artists, allowing me to learn from others, and welcome challenge on a project.

My most recent personal project as an animator was titled ‘Dear Death’. I wanted to create an animation with an emphasis on detailed backgrounds and story. Creating this animation allowed me to push myself and meant I created something I was proud to call my own.

Collaboration wise, my most recent animation was ‘Monster Prom’. I worked with others on my course to create an animation looking at teenage Medusa preparing for prom and meeting up with her date Pan the Faun. Working as part of a group is an enthusing experience and, while demanding at times, allows each member to truly test their abilities.

My current project, relating to my concept art specialisation, is titled Project Nerodia. I have created a world and am continually creating artwork to explore my fictional planet Nerodia and its inhabitants. Having a personal project like this means I can further my skills and continuously better myself as an artist.

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Animation students 2017

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