Mia Singfield

I am a 3D modeller and Character Designer. I mainly work in stylised low poly for my 3D work. I mostly work in Blender, Z brush and Maya. I enjoy drawing characters, creating turnarounds, then modelling them. In the future i plan to progress into animals, objects and environments in a more realistic style.I would like to improve my observation drawing and incorperate this into my character work. I wish to work in the games industry and plan to move on to a masters in games, in the masters I would like to research futher around the concept of death as a character but also a subject. After my masters i want to progress on to a PhD in which i will continue to research. If i am not working, I enjoy snowboarding, reptiles and gardening.C-QeCn5XUAEQsc5.jpg large 4eda86_766d09fcfacb4d4eba27d0e576349af5-mv2_d_2480_3508_s_4_2 kjh tumblr_nxg02x7Xdc1u4ttf2o2_540 fnal posing nd book

Animation students 2017

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