Lucy Jeffries

Hello, my name is Lucy Jeffries, also known as LJ Animation and I am a Geordie animator with a passion for all things stop motion. I love nothing more than spending all day in the studio getting lost in my own ‘puppety’ world. I have a wide range of skills and knowledge in the stop motion fi¬eld with strengths including puppet creation, animating puppets and am particularly con¬fident with using After Effects to composite and animate. I often take inspiration from animals and nature and enjoy coming up with fun ideas with colour and humour, for example my most recent individual project Loris’s Lunch. For this project I took the character of a slow Loris as they are my favourite animal and throughout the animation he tries to catch a fly to eat but as he is so slow the fly keeps getting away just at the last minute. It was a challenge as well as a lot of fun to create an animatable Loris puppet that could interact with the physical tree set as well as a composited 2D fly animation. I love the challenge of combining physical stop motion animation with 2D digital overlays and building up layers of an animation to add detail and realism. My skills and love for After Effects has increased whilst at uni and I am now confident in my ability to use this software to do this as well as creating a wide range of physical set ups in studio.

Animation students 2017

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