Katya Shipulina

My name is Katya and I am a 2D and 3D generalist. I love creating character based animations with a lenience towards the younger audience range. Over the 3 years of studying Animation at Norwich University of The Arts , I have developed my knowledge of a variety job roles within the animation industry with a focus on the 3D preproduction process, including Rigging , UV unwrapping , Texturing and modelling. Creating low poly and riggable models, by using reference images as well as freehand modelling in Mudbox.  With experience in Maya, Mudbox, Substance Painter, TVpaint, Photoshop , Aftereffects and Premierepro.
University provided me with the opportunity to learn some software and develop certain skills that animation production requires, more importantly it has given me the insight into the opportunities and the possible routes that I can take within the industry. Inspiring me to further develop and refine my knowledge.
I am very enthusiastic and passionate about my work. Where I am not afraid to try out new things and be experimental. Always keen to learn more about animation and surrounding industries. With an ambition of producing meaningful content that will be able to speak to the world in a universal language of pictures.
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Animation students 2017

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