Jordan Albon

As a 3D artist I joined the university to expand my knowledge on games art in specific. An

unexpected turn of events instead offered me a place on the animation course where I quickly

settled in. My main area of study is focussed on 3D modelling and sound production but my time at

the university has allowed me to bring my 3D models to life in cinematic and imaginative ways. This

reinitiated my interest in short film/movie production which is just as applicable to my initial reasons

for joining a course at the university.

I choose to strive for a photo realistic style in my art which I have worked hard to develop whilst

being here. I am also happy to step into different or simpler/cartoony forms of 3D art to achieve a

different aesthetic depending on the style of the production in hand. I’ve always been an avid user

of Photoshop & Autodesk’s 3DS Max. I now use various other programs including Maya to rig and

animate my 3D models and Marmoset toolbag to render still images, turn arounds and animations in

stunning detail.

05_SimonsPaintingPoseRender_00227 03_HotelHighway 04_screenshot003 (1)


Animation students 2017

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