Jack Hale

I’m a 2D Animator, Character Designer and Researcher who likes to create interesting characters with links to the real world. I work predominantly in TvPaint and the Adobe Suite. I have worked in both large and small groups, creating animations in live briefs for Cinema City Norwich, BBC Radio 4 and Mustard Tv. I have also animated on a project commissioned by Screen South and Channel 4’s Random Acts, titled ‘Panoramic’.

During the Easter period, I interned at Lambda films creating pieces for their social media sites, which included a personal animation for the mental health charity Sane, where they also reposted my work. My independent project was made after a trip to Wales, the natural landscapes and beautiful weather influenced me to merge fantasy and reality. My research started with folklore and interesting locations, I found that the Welsh Valleys were of particular interest as well as historical landmarks such as Caerphilly Castle.

In my folklore studies, I was influenced by a tradition called the Mari Lwyd and in nature, I looked at the national flower of Wales, the daffodil. The story is about protection from a creature that is looking to harm the kingdom and the strength that women can have on their own. Weirdmations is a six person collaborative project which highlights the obscure and frankly ridiculous, elements of our minds. Each person created a theme and became Director of it. My theme was titled ‘Advertising’, I wanted the team to poke fun at the commercials we were bombarded with, pushing them to extremes of obscurity. The narrative focuses on how advertising wastes time, urges you to buy unnecessary things and takes your attention away from potentially important information, such as the end of the world.

View my website: haleanimation.com

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Animation students 2017

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