Dominic Woodhouse

My name is Dominic Woodhouse, creator of SparkBoy, I’m a stop-motion animator who also has a keen interest in film direction. Gripped by film, animation and its history from a young age, I has created an array of superheroes and villains, each with specific strengths that reflect on stories and adventures from childhood. Able to work with software such as Photoshop, After Effects, Maya, Dragonframe and Premier Pro, I has also created artwork to complete the branding of his characters. I have a keen interest in bringing animation and live footage together. I still believe there is a uniqueness and “human touch” that makes stop-motion so appealing. I hope to continue bringing my visual signature of my animations, encouraging artistic elements and exploiting the physicality stop-motion offers. I have utilised all animation platforms but considers stop-motion is my favourite. My final degree project introduces Fire RA. Dominic has created him to remind us that the past should be respected and never erased. Fire RA, produced in stop-motion with 2d drawn backgrounds and visual effects, confronts Dead Meat who is a villain from another world who has come to eliminate everything man has created.

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Animation students 2017

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