Bethany Wigg

Hello! I’m Wiggy. I’m a 2D Animator who likes to work frame-by-frame and is mainly interested in character animation, comics and storyboarding. I am skilled in using a Wacom Cintiq 13HD and software including ToonBoom/Harmony, Paint Tools Sai, Adobe Animate,  Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects. I’m a lover of cartoons and quirky characters and want nothing more than to inspire others with my toons in the same way others have inspired me! I would love to work on storyboards or character animation for an animation or games company, collaborate with other artists I can learn lots from and be involved in projects that tell unique and interesting stories. I see my style as being cartoony, quirky and comic-y, and I like to work with people who get excited about weird ideas and concepts. Above all I want my art and animation to ‘pop’ with expression and emotion, that feeling that you get when watching a really good cartoon or liking a really cool cartoon character and there’s that ‘pop’ of expression there that makes them feel so real and unique. As well as this, I’ve also done work for more commercial projects and am able to adjust my style in order to fit a brief accordingly. My goal for the universe is to create a place where the average person can step out of their life, surrounded by stress and repetition and politics, and enter a place of freedom, exciting concepts, captivating characters and take a vacation to the bizarre that can either reflect our world or take them beyond the stars, all told through the media of cartoon animation.


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Animation students 2017

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